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My Anda

My journey of concrete crafting started at 2018 when I saw a concrete project in a DIY magazine. I fell in love with the raw and imperfect texture of concrete when I first touched it. Concrete was simple but aesthetic, solid but fragile. Degradation of grey colour, little holes of air bubbles were so natural, no makeup…

After two years of trials and errors, I decided to create my own brand. Being a Turkish designer inspired by the calm, minimal and peaceful atmosphere of Scandinavian design, I wanted to reflect this cross-cultural effect in my brand’s name. Hence, I named it Atelier Anda, meaning “spirit” in Swedish and “in this moment” in Turkish.  

And now in 2023, Atelier Anda continues its journey in UK, inspired by lovely British interior design. With the opportunity of wide crafting materials and tools range in UK, I have started to use jesmonite beside concrete and hopefully will continue to try new materials and designs in future.

So, if you are into handmade cross-cultural homeware, made in UK, welcome to Atelier Anda 😊

 Tugce Becerikli

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